Godzilla Memes


Hi I'm Taylor except I'm actually Touya

19/Australia/Actual Pokémon Trainer

They/Them pronouns

White, very trans, very gay

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1. Oh Sister - Neutral Milk Hotel
2. JED The Humanoid - Grandaddy
3. Trains - Porcupine Tree
4. Your Heart Is A Muscle - Ramshackle Glory
5. Big Bird - Andrew Jackson Jihad

god bless kidan faerill for fielding every single one of my inane MMO questions


I hate the neologism “campaign” to mean “story mode”. I have no intention of mounting any campaigns and no campaign will ever mount me.



Im that guy on an MMO who wont wear armour if it looks like shit I refuse I will wear a worse armour if it looks good and when all else fails i will wear nothing but pants and some gloves because I’d rather be killed than swagless


Are ferrets even real


I’m just gonna go ahead and start responding to any and all pleas for advice with that line. I’m gonna make that a thing.


i’ll just take a seat here

I love how hard Nintendo is pushing Xenoblade Chronicles as a New Property to pay attention to but then released like a dozen english-language copies of it total over two regions


to help push games along into maturity we need to finally see the release of our own citizen kane. that’s why i’m kickstarting Citizen Kane: The Video Game exclusively for the playstation 4. play as charles foster kane through 15 levels of cash-grabbing excitement. run for governor with your own customizable campaign posters. experience the raw thrill of dying alone and unloved