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Hi I'm Taylor except I'm actually Touya

19/Australia/Actual Pokémon Trainer

They/Them pronouns

White, very trans, very gay

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1. Oh Sister - Neutral Milk Hotel
2. JED The Humanoid - Grandaddy
3. Trains - Porcupine Tree
4. Your Heart Is A Muscle - Ramshackle Glory
5. Big Bird - Andrew Jackson Jihad

although too much of the level design is built around the assumption that players will have the aged feather so there’s a lot of straight-up dead-end places and also I’ve encountered at least one enemy that is invincible to everything but magic which…… is kind of counter to the entire Souls design philosophy


i am drowning; there is no sign of land 
you are coming down with me, hand in unlovable hand
and i hope you die
i hope we both die

I did it I made a Final Fantasy XIV sideblog

Go follow it and bear witness to my Descent

hey I’m curious does anyone think I should make a sideblog for my FFXIV escapades - either because you want to see more or you’re sick of seeing it on my main blog??


i will never get over tsuritama

free 2 use haru for your blog !!!

(if you do use please credit !!! it works best on dark backgrounds uvu)

Holy Motors was such a good movie, holy shit

It’s really hard to talk about without kind of ruining the experience of seeing it, but man it’s so good

I will at least say this much: it has not one but two wholly unexpected and wholly wonderful musical numbers

Holy Motors (2012) - directed by Leos Carax