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Hi I'm Taylor except I'm actually Touya

19/Australia/Actual Pokémon Trainer

They/Them pronouns

White, very trans, very gay

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1. Oh Sister - Neutral Milk Hotel
2. JED The Humanoid - Grandaddy
3. Trains - Porcupine Tree
4. Your Heart Is A Muscle - Ramshackle Glory
5. Big Bird - Andrew Jackson Jihad


See this little boy? This is Tim.

Tim only has one dream: to make fun videogames for everyone.

Unfortunately, Tim suffers from a rare condition called "the games industry is shitty". Symptoms can include failing to receive funding for great ideas and being forced to cut features from ambitious games.

Right now, Tim is suffering another serious bout of the illness, and is struggling with all his might to get another game made in spite of his debilitating condition.

You can help him by going here and pledging money to see his next game made, or by reblogging this for people who can. YOU can make this little boy smile again. Surely that’s worth a little money.

Reblogging this won’t make your blog ugly, but scrolling past will make your HEART uglier!!!!!


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    I did too and everyone that’s following me should if you can. c: IT’S LIKE A TRAIN THAT HAS NO BRAKES.
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    Better yet, save up $15 and get yourself a copy when it comes out.
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    I’m going to donate money when I get my next paycheck. But man I wish I had a few spare thousand dollars to donate. How...
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    Save this kawaii babby
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